Sunday, October 10, 2010

Same Same, But Different

I'm looking to my readers to see what I should bake next. There are so many red velvet variations on my list that I simply cannot choose. So far the contenders are:
  • Red wine velvet cake - A classic red velvet with a red wine reduction in the batter.
  • Red velvet cake donuts, frosted of course.
  • Gluten-free red velvet cupcakes - for all of you cupcake (but not gluten) lovers out there.
  • Red velvet cake with beets - A red velvet cake colored with beets instead of food dye.
  • Red velvet whoopie pies - Cream cheese frosting sandwiched between two cookie-sized rounds of red velvet cake.
You can vote in my comments section, on my Facebook page, or by using the poll to the right hand side of this post. I'll feature the winning recipe and photos in an upcoming post. Thanks for participating!


  1. Have you thought of making a red velvet cheesecake? I've been searching for a long time for the cheesecake factory red velvet cheesecake recipe but it's impossible to find it!

  2. Hi Danielle! Red velvet cheesecake is on my list too! I did a review of Cheesecake Factory's red velvet cheesecake back in July (

    I did some searching for the recipe as well and couldn't find it either. There is a recipe on Suite 101 that says it rivals the one at Cheesecake Factory, but I have yet to try and recreate it (

    I'll certainly make it before the holidays so stay tuned!

  3. There is a recipe for Red Velvet cheesecake on the Southern Living website...I would love to hear how the red wine thing turns out!

  4. Red velvet is something that I crave for every now and then, it seems that most bakeshops make them now.


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