Tried and true red velvet recipes. Click on the description to view the full recipe.

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Red Velvet w/ Ermine Icing No. 3
Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese-Mascarpone Icing No. 3

Teen's Red Velvet Pancakes No. 2

Red Velvet Cake Balls w/ Milk Chocolate


  1. Holy crap - Is there any way you could put up the recipe for the Rose Cupcakes??????????!?

  2. Adding half a cup of hot black coffee to your wet ingredients makes your red velvet softer, more moist and absolutely irresistible!! The coffee taste is undetectable, creating a surefire success of a cake :)

    1. Thank you Kaydy! I've used coffee for chocolate cake, but never thought about it for red velvet. Great suggestion!


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